Friday, December 09, 2005

The little black spots in front of your eyes

So we have finally gotten a new camera. Woohoo! :) I hope I'm doing the transfer of data correctly. Have not tried taking many photos yet, but here's a couple.

This was what we had for dinner tonight. If you looked carefully at the vege, you'll see little black spots. Nope, they aren't the black spots you see in front of your eyes. I burnt all the garlic tonight. boohoo. Someone was having a bit of a tummyache what, so it makes sense to take in some extra carbon for the pains eh?


Okie, lesson learnt. Wok was too hot and I was too impatient. And most importantly, must put in the conpoy first before the garlic.

This is the tiny kitchen I work in. Still trying to make it pretty. :) The refrigerator is right up against the wall on the left of the door. So small eh?

Wow, looking at the pictures, I'm quite impressed with the quality. heh heh. Time to take more photos! Time to revamp the blog! Must learn new stuffs man ... what a pain.

We seem to be fighting a losing battle with the ants in the house. Everyday I see little black spots in front of my eyes. It's quite irritating. I clean and clean and clean and still they come. *mutter* I should bait them out and find their little hidey hole one day.

Was reading some old newspapers earlier. Was ranting to hubby about an article earlier. Am afraid I can't even blog about it. That's what this place is like. *zipped*

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