Friday, December 30, 2005

Then and now

What I certainly do not miss ...

is having bloody freaking migranes. Nine months of migrane free period, and now they're back with a vengence. I'm not too sure if this time they're from tension, but my right side is definitely throbbing. And the pills didn't work yesterday.

Surprisingly, after fifteen minutes of a nap, plus many koyok on my neck and shoulders seems to help a little today.

And why did I only had fifteen minutes of nap? Or maybe even less.


I was in a state of deep sleep when mom called out to me to answer the call from guardhouse, because there was a delivery man delivering books, and what books? What books? I didn't order any either. Can't she just ascertain the owner and address herself instead of calling me to answer? Duh duh duh. I swear sometimes my parents do the darnest things. No social skill!


It's very hard for me to get back to sleep.


That's why this confinement period, what confinement? I've been running up and down and seeing to things and doing many many things. No wonder I'm falling sick.

And because I'm doing so much things everyday, I've resorted to bathing twice a day. I'm definitely going to fall sick sooner or later!

Grrr. Grrr. Grrrrrrrr.

Ha. Tell me about lying in bed whole day and recuperate. I don't even get such pampering. Next week, I'm gonna book my massage proper, go do my hair and eyebrows and maybe even go for yoga. So there.


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