Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Bam! Wing! Wham! Good god. I think they are dismantling the gondola. But it seems that they're just throwing everything around the roof. I won't be surprised if there are holes on the ground after that. Grrrr.

So damn hot today. Must go swim. :) Just a walk to the nearest provision shop leaves me totally wet. Self-preservation prevents me from jumping straight into the pool. I'll get too dark. heh. Swim later.

Lunch was tofu with minced meat and eggs. Hmm, a little under-estimating in the amount. Dinner will be my favourite kind of chicken and vege. All prepared. Yay! :D Now I'm smart, will prepare everything in the afternoon so don't have to do it twice. Just have to cook later. Can go swim too. heh.

What else was it that I wanted to write about? Forgot, too hot to think!

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