Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One word too many

If only everyone would just say one word less.

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Say your piece and leave in peace. Why be so adamant that it must be heard? And so it degenerates. Terrible.

If I had played ps2 in the morning today, dearest hubby wouldn't have a nice lunch and dinner today. heh heh. Good thing that my thumb is hurting from last night. Not that I played a lot, just that I think I cut my fingernails a little too short, and all that pressing on the pad just hurt my thumb a little.

Isn't it a blessing in disguise? :P

And no, I wasn't very kancheong either. I'm cool ... when it comes to killing monsters. heh heh.

But still ... ouch.

You know that hubby loves you when he protested loudly that what the ... is that horrible smell coming from!?!

And you know jolly well where it came from, so you let him take a deep breath in it. *grins* And he spluttered and moaned and shrieked that you're killing him.


Actually I don't like the Goatmilk fragance too. It's really not my type. But Wen gave it to me, and I can't like throw it away right? The only flavour I liked from Crabtree and Evelyn is the Sonoma Valley range. And only the handcream. The other one is the Gardener flavour, and that is very moisturising indeed. She gave me one whole box set of handcream last year Christmas, and I've not even used any yet. Haven't even finish the one I bought for myself!

Hubby said to throw away the Goatmilk one. :P *rolls eyes* I think I got two tubes of that!

I guess poor baby is not getting enough from me. So from today onwards, I shall eat more. Just had bread and milo. Not that I feel extremely hungry. But dinner was very early at 5pm, and I had a swim, so just thought I'd take something. Perhaps I'm just not eating enough for two. Poor dear baby.

I think I shall eat a bit more later too. Yep, still can eat if I put my mind to it. :P

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