Saturday, February 26, 2005

Being Happy

... is watching Howl's Moving Castle and falling completely in love with the anime and music.

... is putting the theme song on repeat over and over again, and listening to it with a silly smile on one's face.

... is leaning against hubby's shoulder while watching said movie and laughing together at the funny stuffs.

I think I prefer the song being sung by Yumi Kimura, except that I only got that for 48 seconds. I think I'll just die to have a copy of the song sung by her. :P Leave me a message if you have a copy of it!

I am definitely going to watch the anime again. And I'm definitely going to get the vcd or dvd. Beautiful movie. :) Of course, I think the book is greater ... but ... movie is good too. :)

Being happy ... is meeting up with old friends and talk about music and life and philo. Had a wonderful time with Xel and YS tonight. Both are back for good. And it's so nice to be able to catch up with them, listening to Xel's ambitions and passion in the world of dance and music. I'll never be like that, I'm a stay-at-home type. Perhaps in another dimension, there's a me who is just as ambitious and passionate about something. :P

Damn, if I could only get the piano score for the soundtrack of Howl's Moving Castle.

Now that Xel is back, I shall find inspirations to learn the violin again and maybe even play the piano ... once I bring my old 20 year old piano over. :P But I shall learn the violin first! I shall! I will! And now that she's going to work at the E, I shall go for some concerts and stuffs. :P And I'm going to get her to bring me around the place ... and all the secret hiding places. heh heh heh.

YS is still as crazy as ever. She had to go back early so as not to miss her chinese serial. Err ... taiwanese show? Nah ... unfortunately we couldn't get her to hang around with us for a longer time. She got into a car accident recently, and had some hip problem. Xel told me that when she went to see the doc, she asked the young, wet between the ears doc if it's going to affect her a) sex life, b) childbearing abilities. Imagine her saying that with a total air of seriousness, with a total air of airheadedness. And she still said she felt embarrassed about it. I wonder who was more embarassed. hahaha. Felt more like she saboing the poor chap! *bleah* So damn funny!

YS was wearing a really ... errm cheesy pink dress tonight. hahaha. I could be evil and put the pic I took from my hp up here. :P Nah ... just a strapless pinky dress with a BIG flowery sorta design right in the middle of the non-existence bosom. It's very ... errr ... her. Must show Min at least. heh heh. But the impact is not there, you just have to see it with your own eyes. My eyes popped out, as a matter of fact. I had to lean against Xel to stop from falling over backwards.

The music from Howl's Moving Castle makes me feel like twirling around and dance. :)

And YS's favourite phrase tonight was ... kawai desu ne! *falls completely backwards*

And I love the main theme of the song. Gonna try to pick up the tune on the piano once I get my fingers on one ... and transpose it to the violin. :)

It was nice sitting out in the cool windy night, under the slow diminishing round moon, smelling the woody smell of a cigar, watching people walking on the sidewalk, listening to fire and lightning, and sipping a very interesting cocktail. Xel had two. She can really drink. I bet PM might finally find someone to drink with her! I'd have to agree with YS that PM can really drink too, although she always insist that she's just accompanying YS. heh.

I still think Diana Wynne Jones is a better writer than Terry Pratchett, although now finding some of TP's stuffs very funny, but still not as much as DWJ. :)

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