Saturday, February 05, 2005

My little Tom

The little bugger is now officially known as G.W.C ... which stands for Gangster Wild Cat. That's his name. My little Gangster Wild Cat. Cute name, don't you agree? heh.

Well, that's cos' the vet said that he's a mixed breed. Some wild handsome young punk cat must have rape his mommy. meow! So he's going to be a little wild one all right.

Take a look at his stripes. A beauty isn't he? Gonna break many hearts. The clinical assistant at the vet cooed and went goo goo ga ga over him. Even offered to kitty-sit for me. heh heh.

He's starting to open his eyes now. It was his right eye first, peeled open a tiny bit, shiny with a glazed look. Now both his eyes are partly open, but I think he's still blind. His ears were open on Wednesday, and nowadays when he suck his milk, he would twitch his ears wildly, to show all the effort he's putting in his feeding. Greedy little bugger!

Yep, those are my hands ... and yes, I know I've got pretty hands. heh heh heh. There's something about hands these few days. See Re-mi's hands. LOL

And that is GWC's claws. See how sharp they are! Scratches tough too. He's in the middle of screaming for his milk, see ... Cute isn't he? :)

And he certainly got a nice head pattern. Really an atypical gangster tattoo. I bet he's going to climb a lot when he grows up and probably enjoys jumping and parachuting too. As well as scratching on all our furniture. Perhaps it's still not too late to flush him down the toilet bowl?


But I'm worried. He's not shitting much at all ... in fact, not yet today. Hubby is tickling his tummy patiently, and we've fed him with honey-water. But he's still not doing his business ... oh dear. Have to call the vet again tomorrow. I hope he'll be all right.


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