Thursday, February 10, 2005

Life goes on

On Saturday afternoon, I fell asleep holding kitty in my hands. He was sleeping peacefully on my tummy after his lunch. We brought him to see the vet in the evening, because he kept crying, and the assistant got him to shit. I guess it must be the milk we gave him. By night he was sick and restless. Hubby held him all night. I woke up at 2am, rubbed him with medicated oil, while he gasped for air. Half an hour later, he stopped breathing and was still.

It was just so heartbreaking. I guess we really didn't know how to take care of little kittens. I'm not going to put any more pics of him up here. It's just too sad.

But perhaps we would adopt a couple more cats - bigger kittens, when we've settled down.

I really miss GWC.

Last night, we went to Wen's place for dinner. There was shark's fin and abalone ... but no bird nest soup. hahaha. Just kidding. Her mother was happy for us to come. More people means can cook more food, especially me and hubby eats a lot, and wipe their dishes clean. Gee, they eat so little! tsk tsk. But then, I am still lighter than Wen. We weighed ourselves after dinner, and she glared at me. *chuckle*

After dinner, we took Bis out for a walk. Happy dog. Had a delicious meal of raw chicken, after dinner dessert of cherries and oranges, and a nice long walk with four dog walkers. He gallop freely in the wild, froliking with the field mice, and chased cats away from their dinner.

I heard that he was a woozy when it comes to rats. He had killed one before, after Wen's friend hit the rat unconscious, that is. Before that, he was rather afraid to go too near the rat! The field rats in Wen's neighbourhood have a strange stategy when it comes to defending themselves against fast moving, cold nose sniffing greyhounds. At the sight or smell of an intruder, they drop onto all fours, rolled over and play dead. Kept their toe-claws crossed, and hoping that the big ugly doggy would get bored and go away. hahaha.

At the end of the long footpath, there was a couple feeding the neighbourhood cats. Bis ran up and said hi to the cats. The cats didn't like him though, even if Bis was trying to be friendly. Or perhaps Bis shouldn't be too enthusiastic with his greetings. Laughs. The people feeding the cats weren't too amused though. Two fat ugly people with a mind as small as a pea. Wen was 'scolded' for not keeping Bis on a leash. Some people are just awful.

The cats were extremely well-fed, read fat, and pretty. Not sprayed yet however. Hmmm.

I took some pics of Bis in my new hp. I'll put them up when I've figured out how to use the software.

We tricked Bis into getting into our car. After much entreats, he jumped into the backseat, and wham, hubby closed his side of the door, and I closed mine. haha. Dog napped. Bis had rode in our car before, so he wasn't too frightened. He must be thinking: are we going somewhere? Are we are we? Whee, so fun! But he was quite surprised that Wen has not gotten in yet. He looked around in puzzlement but was quite contented to enjoy the cool air-con. heh heh. Even after Wen said bye-bye and walked away, Bis still didn't want to get out. We had to practically pushed him off. He was quite sad there was no car-ride that day.

Picture of beef steak I cooked for hubby. :)

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