Monday, February 14, 2005

Little clumsy me.

I have not broke any dishes yet. But I've been hitting quite a few of them on hard surfaces. Good thing what I have are chip-proof. Not going to test if they are break-proof! Not yet, anyway.

So all I've done lately was to spill lots of stuffs onto the cabinets, onto the floor and onto myself. Uh huh ... got scalded by hot water last night. Put some aloe vera gel by banana boat, and it sure works! Too bad no fresh aloe vera though. Must get some from MIL soon.

Chinese New Year was a frenzy of cooking and eating. Been eating lots of good food mainly cooked by my parents ... and Wen's mother. Had prawns, abalone, crab, scallop etc etc. And I cooked lots too. On the eve, it was pot-luck, so I did abalone with prawns and mushrooms, and baby bak choy (I think) with three types of mushrooms. On the second day, we had crab meat balls for lunch. On the third day, I think I cooked lunch, after coming back early from work. On the fourth day, we had crab meat balls again. Parents-in-law came over for dinner, and I cooked vege and bittergourd with soup and another with chicken. On Sunday, I cooked fried Japanese Udon with prawns and lots of mushrooms. Today I cooked squid with bell pepper, and cai xin with lots of mushrooms and scallops. I think I should take a break from all these cooking soon. It's extremely hot in the kitchen.

Strangely enough, I'm feeling hungry right now. :P That's why thinking of all these food. :)

Tired, did lots of housework today. Can't think of what to write. Been reading Terry Pratchett. Not extremely funny as I had thought, but nice enough to want to read more. Hogging the books in the libraries. Can't seem to find the first couple in the series. Hmm.

I feel zombified.

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