Monday, February 21, 2005

One minute miracle

I can't play with a time control of thirty minutes! Wasn't it supposed to be an hour each? DOH.

Anyway, I've told them to let me off in the morning so that I can go for yoga. At ten in the morning, the captain frantically called me and asked me to come down since they were short of one player.

I had to oblige since I did tell them to let me know if they need me. So off I went. I figured that the first game would have to be a walkover, and Captain said that at least can play the second game. So... okie.

I bumped into an old friend there who brought me to the playing room. He kindly showed me where I was playing, and when he saw my clock, he said, hey, there's still slightly more than a minute left on your clock, why don't you just start playing? I was surprised since I thought it was already a walkover, and in the muddle, I sat down, and started. To my surprise, the opponent played moves like e4, h2, g2 .... huh?! What the? Just pushing pawns and waiting for my time to run out? Ya right, in your dreams. Whack whack wham wham ... and I managed to checkmate him with 26 seconds left on my clock. heh heh heh.

I was playing extremely fast, and I left a queen hanging somewhere. But he didn't see it, and I sure as hell didn't see that either! My team called that the one minute miracle. hahaha. That was so freaky! *bleah*

The rest of the games didn't go so well. 30 minutes is too fast for me against players of my standard and better. And bloody captain put me on the first board and himself on the fourth. That's bullying as a matter of fact. My second opponent thought slower than me, so he lost on time. And for the rest, I lost on time. All the professors and whatnots. Oh well.

It was nice seeing some people again. Mr M is still as fat as ever, fatter actually. Isn't he going to lose some weight and stay healthy? Also saw a few of my juniors who have become sooo old, and some even balding. hahaha. And some people have gotten fat, and some still look the same. Time sure flies. :P

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