Friday, February 18, 2005

Getting smarter

One learns that ...

the kitchen cabinet doors have to be closed immediately after taking stuffs out, otherwise one's head will always get into contact with them bloody sharp corners.

spiders and moths have better get out of one's way whenever one is brandishing the vaccum cleaner, or be suck into oblivion. (I think my vaccum cleaner is somewhat stuck after that last moth!)

one is actually pretty obsessed with cleanliness and will go down on hands and knees and fingernails to clean and scrap paint off on the floor. Good yogic exercise though.

one has to be reminded how old one is by one's doctor ... I swear he is pro-G. Good grief. Everytime when I have to see him, I get 'lectured' to start planning for a baby. *rolls eyes* heh heh heh.

Terry Pratchett is actually quite funny and one actually likes his witches stories best. And he writes along the lines of famous stories, like Phantom of the Opera, Macbeth etc ... still reading, still reading. :)

one has totally no clue as to what one is going to play for tomorrow's game. Just hope one doesn't make embarassing bloopers like giving a free Queen on the fourth move. doh.

Valentine's Day has come and gone. We don't celebrate actually, for I love him everyday and not just on that day. I cooked a special dinner, well ... a specially ordinary dinner really. :) He didn't have time for candle-lights and roses and soft background music and all that, but it really doesn't matter does it?


Nevertheless, shopping today was rather eventful. I brought him a pair of bedroom slippers. Hardly romantic but I hope it'll be extremely comfy. And his favourite colour and his favourite animal. After all, he does need it, what with him ill-treating his left feet all the time by stepping on those land mines, causing blood and agony and swear words. He should be rather well-protected now, at least when he wears the slippers, he'll be watching where he steps right? For if he does step on those nails again and spoil the slippers, the wrath of a wife will descent on him. heh heh heh.

It'll be a surprise, and they are now by the door awaiting his warm feet. Shhh. :P

Someone once told me a long time ago that if the husband is always busy with work and works late, and the wife is too free, such relationship will eventually not work out. What crap that all is. *laughs* That's just a silly excuse.

Hubby works long hours, but there are so many things for me to do while he is away. There's the house to clean, clothes to iron, food to cook, work to do, books to read, stuffs on the computer and even shopping. So busy! Time flies. I'm quite happy with all the time I have on my own, and it makes the time I have with hubby even more meaningful. :)

Like just watching him sleep and drool onto the pillow. :P

Damnit missed watching Howl's Moving Castle over the weekend. When the bloody hell is it going to show again? *sob sob* Must get the dvd if it comes out. Grrr.

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