Monday, February 21, 2005

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Conversation with a friend on ICQ: (somewhat edited)

I: oh ya .. my mom complaining her hip always painful ... should i send her to see ortho?
A: hip ah? yup... should come here.... get an x-ray.... or see polyclinic first and get x-ray first....
I: oh ya .. but the doc at poly says it's nothing, some nerve only.
A: got x-ray done ah? bring it along so i can see it loh....
I: the poly doc says if she wants her x ray must pay full price or something.
A: hmmm.... then get referral to come and see ttsh loh....
I: can ah .. ask them to refer her to ttsh ortho?
I: think my aunties recommending her to see some chinese physician.
I: they are disillusioned with the medical treatment in singapore.
A: up to her lah.... no point seeing us if she don't believe in us.... let her see whoever she wants.... really...
A: but she needs to believe in the meds and comply with treatment before it will work.... sigh....
I: it's not that she doesn't believe in u .. but the poly doc say : no cure one .. it's the nerves ... gave her some vitamin B ... tell her she can do nothing, dun give her her x rays .. ask her to come back in couple of months when he not around because he rotate to another clinic ... how u expect her to believe?
A: well, if that's what he says, it could be a back pain sort of problem.... like slip disc.... which needs physiotherapy.... physiotherapy works more than vitamin b
I: ya .. but he also never refer her anywhere .. ask her to go back when he not around ... and that's it. so how? see the poly doc again? i wonder who's the quack
A: sigh.... then go back and see another dr.....
I: and then what? same thing happen?
I: they all don't care one lah.

That's what life is like here in Spore.

Everything speaks of money. Even justice is expensive (quote from another friend).

And if I bring my mom to see my friend in ortho, she'll be charged private rates which is like sky high. Till now, I have not claimed a single cent for my hospitalisation that time. Life sure as hell sucks.

I hate this world. I hate the G. Legal corruption. bah.

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