Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Life just sucks right now

I realised that there's no one I can crap about how much goddamn awful it is right now. I'm stressed, depressed and unhappy. Not a good combination at all. But don't take me too seriously. Gals always need to say a lot of things to get sympathy and pity. Hubby doesn't understand. He gets stressed out by me by what I say and all that. And he is just as stressed by the house too. Guys just want to have action and results, but sometimes things don't always work that way.

I just feel so sorry for myself. No one to talk to, except to my blog. I cried at work today, because I just felt so goddamn upset. I guess I need to do more yoga soon.

Yes, and I stepped on a nail the other day, and it hurts like hell, still. Floor cannot be done yet because it cracked again. Walls have cracked again. It's just so depressing, isn't it?

Work sucks as well. One cannot punish them, one cannot scold them, one cannot stalk off the class in anger. And one cannot be late for work. And just the other day, I read in the newspapers more articles demeaning the profession. I wonder what I am doing. It's simply too demoralising and depressing.

Bloody arsehole of a student dropped his heavy textbook on my feet and took off a piece of skin with it. Damn bloody painful too. And why did that happen? Because they were playing and swirling books around and all that crap. I wish to give him a good tight slap at the sight of his blothcy ugly ape of a face.

Idiots and morons and fucking rude selfish stupid monsters.

They can all fail and go to hell for all I care. Why do I bother to talk until I become hoarse? Why do I bother to even talk to them? Bah.

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