Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blistering burning hot

It hasn't rain since December. It is so hot that I could fry an egg on the floor of my balcony. It was so hot till the park caught fire and is now a whole black mess of char. It is so hot that I could sun-tan just by lying on my bed. It is so hot that my brains are scrambled and my limbs vulcanized. It was so hot that the students finally climbed up the shelf to turn on the air-con. It's simply blistering burning hot!

I think our electric bills are going to be sky-rocketing high this month!

It is so hot that I can't even remember what I wanted to write!

Made sweet potato soup for dessert a while ago. Now waiting for dear hubby to come home to try it. I'll take a break after today. No more cooking for tomorrow and friday at least. heh. :) Going shopping instead. heh heh. On Friday. heh heh heh. :P

Playing chess OTB this weekend. It's actually not a very good idea at all, especially in this super hot weather. I guess I was just flattered that someone remembered that I still exist. haha. I was never very good at chess because I just could not remember openings. The only one which I know pretty well was the fried liver one which is only worth swindling little people, and it wasn't even foolproof, as M showed me once. And my favourite opening being the Gucco Piano, because it has musical connotation. Ya ... I'm that cheap. *bleah*

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