Wednesday, February 02, 2005


We picked up the kittens on a Saturday night, right after coming back from dinner. I remember I was watching Infernal Affairs 2 before that, which was supposed to be followed by IA and IA3, but we skipped IA because we were too hungry. Was supposed to go out for a quick bite, but ended up missing the whole movie, and half an hour into IA3. So the whole of IA3 catch no ball.

But I digress. IA2 was nice! Heard that IA was supposed to be best! Damnit. I like Tony Leung. heh heh.

I digress again ... :P

We heard the kittens mewing away on Friday ... and maybe even Thursday too. So we guessed that they were born maybe on Wednesday or so. The workers told us they had been feeding them since they found them without the mother cat. We took them in on Saturday. By tomorrow, perhaps my little pretty one would be a week's old. :)

The grey one was already quite bloated when we found them. Perhaps it was greedier than its sibling. And perhaps because of that, it was more constipated. I guess, at that time, I was still reading up on how to take care of orphan kittens, and we didn't manage to get it to shit enough. Or perhaps it had an infection in the tummy - its umbilical cord was still hanging and eventually dropped. I'd never know ... it cried and cried and suddenly went quiet and lathagic. We should have known better. *sigh* Next moment we knew, it was stiff. Poor little kitten. I hope it is peaceful wherever it is now, in a cat's heaven or something.

We took a walk down late at night and left it in the nicer part of our estate, just beside the fountain and the pretty lights. In a nice little box with lots of soft tissue. In the dustbin of course. Unfortunately, we can't dig a hole.

So it means we are more diligent in taking care of this little pretty one right now. We spend half an hour rubbing, feeding and cleaning almost every four hours. And make sure it shit and pee well enough. I don't want to lose this little pretty one. But perhaps it's dangerous to grow too attached to it now. It's still in the danger zone. When its eyes open, there will be more complications like infection and all that stuff. And it's quite scary actually. If it cries too much, we got worried; if it sleeps soundly, we also got worried and wondered if it's still breathing.

But just a little touch is enough to get it screaming. Boy, I wished I did not do that this morning! Had to spend a long time coaxing it back to sleep, after feeding and washing and all that! :P It seems more frisky nowadays, like doing all the scratching and crawling with enthusiasm, and at night, it seems to be able to sleep better. I hope that's a good sign. Must call up the vet tomorrow. :)

You know, the information given in all those webpages made it seems so simple to feed a kitten, but I tell you ... try holding a crawling little bugger in one hand who kept scratching at you (pain pain!) and squirming out of your hand, and holding the bloody dropper in the other hand and trying to aim the tip into the mouth, being careful not to poke in its nose or eyes ... I tell you ... it's harder than trying to break any Guiness Records!

Maybe keeping a puppy might be better.

This little kitty better stay alive and grow up to be a nice kitty! GROWL.

Hubby dropped kitty a few times ... and on its head as well. whoops. heh heh.

I did too, a couple of times. *bleah*

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