Monday, February 28, 2005

Thy sweeth thooth

First it was the blackforrest cake at Baker's Inn. It has been like a year since I've eaten it, can't even remember when was the last time. Delicious, mouthwatering. I love it. And extremely fattening.

Then it was chilli crabs of the sri-lankan kind. The meat wasn't that tasty but it was very well made. And the chilli gravy was excellent, especially just with plain rice. I'm a 'rice-container' after all. And I sat there contentedly and dig and ate and purred happily. The guys finished theirs very fast, and us two girls were still sitting there slowly scraping of each precious meat from the shell, and licking our fingers, not wanting to waste anything.

I shouldn't have taken the potato chips after that, espeically after such a huge meal, but it's not very nice not to keep the hostess company. And the show was quite funny after all.

And finally hazgan daz cookie & creme with hot chocolate brownie ... absolutely melting.

Just three days.

You will show me some sympathy for my sore throat right? Damn, it's sore all right. :( Hubby wasn't very impressed, he couldn't see anything. But it's sore. It hurts. It hurts when I swallow. *sniff* And I do have some running nose.

I'm going to lose my voice at this rate. Preferably by Friday. heh heh. *bleah* Thursday also can lah. *bleah bleah*

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