Saturday, February 05, 2005

Driving Tales #5079

I think nowadays I can only go on and on about my little kitty. He's really very cute, soft and furry and smells like just a sweetie. Woohoo ... there I go again. :P

But seriously, I've been driving quite a bit again. Actually drove down to town all by myself and gave Min a lift home. Driving is sooo ... empowering. hahah ... I'm that kind of driver who can drive pretty fast. And curse people who gets into my path. Hey, that actually rhymes! :P I swear, you'd hear me muttering under my breath.

Damn idiot, keep to your bloody lane.

Do you actually know how to drive?

Bloody hell, I hate it when they don't signal before cutting into my lane!

Stay on your lane, bloody fool! Don't keep hogging two lanes.

Turn lah! Scared what!

Women driver. Bah!

Not that I'm a very good driver myself. hahahah.

It's actually very challenging and frightening to travel along the CTE. That's the most dreaded expressway. It's always jam, and there's always usually an accident. There are simply too many cars on the CTE. Just a couple of weeks back, when everyone was driving back to back on the CTE, a motorcycle rammed into the back of a car. The car was simply moving slowly, minding its own business. It was a terrible business. We didn't exactly see what happened, but there was a loud noise. And guess why everyone was moving so slowly? Ahead about a hundred meters or so away, there was a traffic police car. Stupid huh.

My favourite expressways would be AYE and ECP. Well, not when they are jam, of course. But there's a nice scenery on the expressway, and usually traffic is smooth flowing. Can drive fast too. A hundred and ten perhaps? :P

PIE can get quite slow. And PIE is curvy. I don't like it curvy. You can't drive too fast then. And PIE has changed a lot since my childhood days. There used to be many trees lining both sides of the expressway, now they simply feel like a concrete road, especially towards the central side.

And do you know that on the TPE, about every twenty bloody metres, there is a bloody camera on the bloody lamp-post. That is the most awful expressway to travel. Someone sees: There goes me driving on the TPE, going to Jln Kayu where they got the delicious roti prata. There goes me going to be late again and driving very fast. There goes me exiting at such and such. I tell you, big brother is definitely breathing down your back!

SLE can drive very very fast. Be careful of traffice police though. And it's way too long and round-about. KJE is boring. But it has a beautiful sunrise, where the sun shines straight into your eyes, effectively blinding you completely. Lovely. Sometimes there is a rainbow too, if you're really lucky. BKE is ... usually blocked by big buses and heavy lorries. They should be banned! Have I missed any else?

So I drive around the whole country like nothing. I've been to many places ... and it's actually nice to drive, with the air-con full blast on, accompanied by nice music or nice story-telling on the bbc. It's nice ... but I'm still a little frightened about driving. And I hate parking. period.

I'm always afraid that I'll simply drive bang straight into the car in front of me. Or when going around the curve, run into a tree. Or run down some pedestrains like ants. Actually it's nice to be able to run down pedestrains. And go over them a few times. back and fro. Hear the satisfying crunch. Like stepping on a dried leaf. Don't tempt me.


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