Sunday, February 27, 2005


I love dogs. Don't get me wrong. Just as long as I don't have to wash the dog's backside, clean up the poo and all that stuffs. A small dog is fun to have around, like Wen's dog, Bis, you can clamp your hand over his snout, play frisbee with him etc. But a big dog is definitely overwhelming.

Hubby's friends got a huskie. A huge young highly energeric young male who doesn't like to be caged in the toilet. He practically bowled me over. And those huge snapping jaws. No joke leh. I was trying to get my hands away from his large teeth, not that I was trying to clamp his mouth. Surely no, you wouldn't think I would do such a thing right? So dangerous. And I was trying to get out of his way when he went skidding from hubby to me. And yes, he was trying to jump on me too! Bis jumping on me is tolerable, you know, like a little pesky animal, annoying at best. But Max ... more than half my height, it's not funny at all. I ended up on the chair, right at the corner of the walls, pushing him away with my knees. Bis sniffing my bum is at worst, just laughable. But having Max pawing and sniffing me is not a pastime I would like to indulge in. But you know, it's really nice to pat him. :) That is if I manage to do so and not end up with my hands in his teeth. heh.

Handsome big brute. He's damn cute. heh heh. Eighteen kilos in all. And the toilet stinks. Real bad.

Their cat could not stay in the same room as Max. She has gotten thinner too, those loose fur, since we last saw her. Must be all that running around the house avoiding the enthusiastic pup. Poor kitty. Sometimes even got locked out of the house when she goes wandering out at night. Lost her status as big boss now, I guess. But she still gets her way. Definitely the most ~teh~ cat I've ever seen. Extremely vocal. No qualms in meowing her opinions and displeasure in an extremely loud and harmonious tone. heh.

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