Monday, May 16, 2005

Pretty, not.

It's very hard to cook anything nice when one doesn't have an appetite at all. I do not know how hubby can feel hungry at this time, especially after lunch at almost 2pm! I certainly don't feel hungry a bit! And it's putting me off from cooking anything nice. So I whipped up something real simple, non-too-lovely, and wala, there it is!

Definitely nothing pretty at all.

Poor dear hubby. :P

I don't feel too good. I don't feel like eating. And I certainly don't feel like cooking nowadays. However, life goes on.

Here's my father's recipe for cooking fish. He made it so nicely the other day, I got him to tell me what it was all about:
Marinate fish slices with a little salt and soy sauce, pepper(?) and some cornstarch for about half an hour. Oh, I forgot to ask if he added rice wine. Hmm. Heat wok with oil, add garlic and ginger(?) and fry for a while. Add water and simmer a bit. I think that was what he said. Am going to try it tomorrow. Looks like I've to ask him again though. :P

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