Sunday, May 01, 2005


I think I've screwed up most of my chess games at chessworld. Winning games now look uncertain, perhaps a draw. Uncertain games look poised to lose. *clutch head*

Yesterday was major DIY work. Hubby got his good friend down and together they drilled holes in the walls, hammer in nails, drilled more holes, clank clank clank, wank wonk bish ... and they put up a shelf for me in my yard. Critical moi QCed, and told them it's slanted. Whoops. That was because the floor is slanted and they took measurements from the floor! yikes. Oh well, we aren't going to roll any marbles down the slope are we? I guess it'll do, the leaning tower of pisa.

Just rather irritating, so don't look too hard at it!

And more work goes into our cupboards. We fixed a filing unit into the cupboard. It's pretty ingenious actually, and it was a good thing that it fitted in nicely. They fixed it up after dinner while I was washing the dishes. I could hear lots of banging and heavy things dropping. heh. Now all we need is to cut a little bit off the front 'drawer' and cut a few more shelves to size. Wala. Our own build-in shelfing unit with everything. :P

I cooked roasted chicken wings, long beans with chilli prwans, egg with pork omelete and pea soup. The boys were supposed to go swimming, but they took forever to complete their task. Ikea stuffs aren't easy to fix at all! If just the two of us, we would probably never even know where to start! Thank goodness for the help! I supposed hubby was rather sly. He tempted his friend over for a swim and dinner and all they did were pretty hard labour. :P hiaks. And lots of drinks. heh heh.

Hmm, no yoga today. I am SO unhealthy now.

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