Monday, May 30, 2005


It's quite rare that I watch TV, but after a wonderful delicious dinner at my parent's place last night, there was nothing much to do except to sit in front of the telly. And since they didn't have cable, the only okie to watch channel happened to be showing Audition Me.

Gee, I think I'm very out of the news here, since I have not much access to home news.

So what was this Audition Me all about? Just another oh-so-boring reality shows that's the in thing right now. I mean if they want to hire someone, they could just do it without all this fuss, right? Pretty smart of them though, fill up a prime time slot, get some people to run the program probably for free, and generate more income by all those inane smses. That's three. Hmmm. So there I was wondering what Benedict Goh was doing in it. Surely ... surely ... he had some advantage since he had some experience right? Hmmm ... then again, after watching him ... he seems to look slightly better than last time, and especially when he doesn't smirk. Why was he smirking throughout his presentation? Eeeeugh.

First contestant seems to have something strange about her face. Can't put my finger on it, seems to be the eyes. Third contestant would be my best bet, actually thought BG could do it ... but after watching him smirking and looking so smug all the way makes me want to throw up.

heh ... so I wonder who would 'win'. Oh well.

How boring to spend an evening like that!


I haven't been doing yoga for a while, and my flabby thighs really got it this time. Urrgh. Still considering whether to go tomorrow. But I think it's going to be on the highly unlikely side. Old already.

I need to wash the dishes. Beef steak tonight with all the usual stuffs. Lots of things needed to be washed. But I'm not moving. Nope. Rearing pigs here. Hubby and I have this most unhealthy habit of needing to lie down after nice huge dinner. Oh dear oh dear.

There was something I wanted to write to remind myself about, but I've forgotten.

Really getting old.

I wonder who is lurking around my blog nowadays. I wonder who actually finds my blog interesting. I wonder why people read my blog. I'm wondering why my friend continues to read my blog. Perhaps it has become a habit. I wonder why I ask people to read my blog in the first place. Sometimes I feel like writing something which I don't want anyone to read, but I couldn't ... so they remain in my head ... and forgotten. Just as well, perhaps some things should not be remembered.

Now I remembered what else I wanted to write. Just finished reading Terry Pratchett The Last Continent. Took me a few days to plough through, which explains a lot. And the story left me ... extremely unsatisfied. What the??? Totally catch no ball. Nonsensical. Strange. Wierd. Would someone please explain. What the hell was going on? There was this part right in front where some miners (I think) found something underground, which was ... alive. And somehow I lost the thread. What the hell was that anyway?

PM just called. Seeing her tomorrow. Yay. :) She's fun to be with, though annoying as well. Now she got a handphone, so hopefully ... it might not be too irritating. :P Hubby puts his finger on the bull's eyes. The thing is that she's fun to talk to. Or rather, entertaining. She talks animatedly when something interests her, and she laughs very carefreely. Breaks all ice. But the problem hubby sees is that she's not exactly 'normal' in her line of work. Too happy, bright, cheerful and sincere ... not exactly very 'normal' so called, with people around her. Sad actually. They lost a gem of a friend. Extremely dedicated to her work.

I guess we all did had quite a good time the other day. Dear hubby, HY and PM certainly seem to have a good time talking shop. The wife was a bit quiet. And I was busy cutting fruits. The rest were completely glued to the telly. Heh heh. Asked PM to come over at night if she needs a place to study, but she didn't want to go all the way to sibera. Even with home-cooked dinner thrown in also no fish. *bleah* I hope she resolves things with her family. It's just very difficult.

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