Friday, May 27, 2005

solo friday

We tried thai tonight. It was neither hot nor spicy. Damn. But the mango salad was pretty good, except that everything else tasted salty.

I finally managed to go for my massage. They didn't recommend me to do it actually, but I had to reeaaally persuade them that I reeeaaallly needed one for my neck and shoulders and basically, hell ... I just needed a massage. And it sure was good. Yes, I fell asleep and drooled. Well, almost drooled, you know, you would always wake up in time to suck up the drool somehow. heh.

Really shiok. But standing all the way back in the train negated the good effects of a massage. I shouldn't even wear one inch heels if I'm ever going shopping! Time to take out my new Tods shoes. Oh, when is the sale?! I'm having my eyes on another certain pair, hmm, or pairs. :P

Shopping with younger bro can be quite a chore. He is, I swear, worst than, Mr Fastidious Sebestian O. We nicknamed him that. Don't you think Sebestian always give you an impression of an extremely fastidious and fussy guy? I took a walk around, bought my bread ... and finally he made up his mind what to buy. *rolls eyes* I'm the good sis who offered to pay for his purchases first so that he can get an extra ten percent discount. Now, where is my treat? At least a drink ya? My poor tired feet.


The GSS is now on ... going to check out a few stuffs when it is not so crowded. It's always crazy to shop on a Friday and on weekends. I hate crowds. Need to be hermit. That's why buy house high high in ulu place far far away from everyone. :P Hmm .. shopping. heh heh. Most unfortunately, I've already bought most of my house stuffs. What else shall I get?

My eyes kept going red nowadays, for no reasons. And my ear goes pop, like in an airplane. It's just annoying, and slightly worrying. Perhaps I might go and see my friend though I don't fancy him sticking anything into my nose. He suggested that I wash my bedsheets every week at sixty degrees hot water. Ya right, so troublesome. But it did remind me that we do need to change the sheets. Perhaps it might help the eyes. Need dear hubby's strength though. Mattress extremely heavy.

Nowadays hubby does lots of things around the house. He washes the dishes when I'm tired or simply don't feel like doing them. I am just so lucky to have such a wonderful guy. *warm fuzzy feeling* ... heh heh :) :) :)

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