Monday, May 23, 2005

Things that go brumm in the night

Today we test drove the turbo powered golf gti. pretty pretty cool. dangerous though. too fast too powerful.

Hubby has a need for speed. 2. We somehow lost the first one. I used to sit and watch him play, but I think I'll skip this round. Feeling very sleepy after huge dinner.

The phone will always ring immediately after you left it upstairs to go down. And it will always stop ringing after you ran two steps up the stairs. I get enough exercise everyday.

All electronic gadgets should come with a electronic tag or buzzer. Like when you left your handphone on your bed under the numerous pillows or blankets or quilt cover or clothes, you know you can always rely on calling the handphone to find out its position. The same should go to things like air-con controller, watches, alarm clocks, you name it ...

Almost everything goes under my pillows nowadays. Handphone which serve as an alarm clock and the air-con controller. I haven't put my book under yet, or a tooth, reason being I'm not losing any teeth, thank goodness.

Latest craze is bejeweled 2. For hubby, it is driving fast cars. Why do guys always chase after fast cars?

I didn't notice Jar Jar Binks in Return of the Sith. Where did he appear?

I have eaten too much tonight. Strangely I seem to be losing weight. Now I am definitely feeling bloated.


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