Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dinner for one

My feet hurt like hell. I should not have worn heels and done so much walking. I need a hot soak and a foot massage. Heels looked elegant with my blown curls. But it's too much to ask, walking around like that! :P

Nowadays, Wen has to rush home to feed her dogs. No one else is available for dinner. Sometimes it's rather lonely, even though I was trying to plough through Hogfather. Even Death felt lonely. I guess there are times. And especially so during this time of the year. Birthdays always make me feel sad.

YS smsed me today wishing me a happy birthday. I raised my eye-brows and wryly told her it's not today. I wondered if she truely remembered my birthday. :P It'll be nice to meet up with all of them, but I wonder who is going to initiate a gathering. I feel tired.

I bumped into an old classmate, who had the same birthday as me. What a strange coincidence.

There isn't really anyone to catch up with, and I've already met almost everyone pretty recently. I guess I would truely look forward to meet up with PM, but it's no fun not being able to go blading with her. Hmm, she sounded so professional and detached when asking her for advice. So different from the usual crazy friend I know. heh heh.

I feel old this year.

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