Monday, May 09, 2005

Cookies and cream

It's actually rather dangerous to write blogs nowadays. People who fear and could not trust are starting to take notice. And it's sad, because it just prove to show that there is just a lot of hot air after all. Stop the nightingle from singing and she'll die eventually. It's just not healthy, and it's just pathetic.

What a scary thought.

I felt better after writing about today, and calling my mom up after that. I guess no matter how terrifying and uncertain the future holds, as long as there is dear hubby with me, things really aren't that bad. I'll have to create a new image for now, and perhaps it'll actually be a blessing. After all, I am definitely luckier than most people.

10 ml of blood doesn't seem a lot. And it wasn't even painful this time. heh. But I refused to look at the needle sticking out of my arm. I'm okay with giving blood actually, but I think my blood count is too low. Perhaps I shall go for those blood donation again. If someone accompanies me, that is. :P

When I used to live with my parents, I do take them for granted. Now sometimes I really miss them, especially my mom. I missed coming home to a house where my mom would be, preparing dinner or simply being around. I missed her telling me things about this and that, though sometimes I find them irritating especially if she said the same things more than three times. I missed being able to laze around and knowing that mom does everything for me. *bleah* Darn, I just admitted to being lazy. Yep, my house is still in quite a mess. It wouldn't have been so if mom's around. heh. I missed my mom's cheerful face, and her joy in discovering yet another delicious ramen place to eat.

I shall bring her out for ice-cream someday soon. Just that she's having her tooth fixed and couldn't take any sweet stuffs. And now it seems easier to call her and talk to her about things. It wasn't so much like that last time. I think sometimes I call her just to want to hear her voice. Perhaps it has to do with my state of slight depression too. I just feel comforted.

Yesterday we had my in-laws over. I didn't have time or the mood to cook, so we went out for junk food. Char kuey teow and oyster eggs and the like. Sinful oily unhealthy food. We trick ourselves saying it's once in a while. I get along with them pretty well too. Mother-in-law brought a huge watermelon over. And she got us durians as well. I felt a little bad for not cooking. I had promised myself to cook something nice and healthy for them. But they were quite nice about yesterday. MIL seems to be in a good mood anyway. I think everyone's rather just a little afraid of her sometimes. I know I am ... sometimes. But so far, she's nice to me. heh.

The difference between mom and mil is that mil tends to critisise a lot. Like after dinner, especially outside food, she would hiam about the food all the way home, with FIL, the two of them talking animatedly and we would be having a blank look. My parents on the other hand would be happy and contented and probably feeling sleepy after all that food. If it was not nice, they would just mention it off-hand and vowed never to go back again. If it was nice, my mom would be talking animatedly of how nice the noodle is. :P

So I finally cooked fried bee hoon. It was so nice I helped myself to hubby's plate. I definitely ate too much that day. Dinner tonight was fish and vege and soup. Nothing spectacular mainly because it was too early for me to be hungry and I really don't feel up to it. Just yet.

So a nice family-oriented post, just like some other person. Sweet, innocent and wholesome. So boring. Definitely muzzled.

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