Sunday, May 22, 2005

Banana Nut Crunch

I swear that if hubby were to sing the few notes of the star wars main theme again, I will pound him on his head.

But then again, I just can't get rid of that cheesy tune in my head either.

And we take turns annoying each other by going tum tum tumdum tum tumdum ... etc

Arrrgh, my head.


I've invited a few friends over today. I guess the house isn't completely ready yet. We haven't got the lights and sofa. But I really want to see my friends and show them my lovely house before it became too obvious and tiring. But I'm a horrible planner. I bet Wen is rolling her eyes at me. Yep, that's right. What are we going to do for dinner?

Perhaps we shall order in pizza, or I'll go and da-bao something later. Oh dear.

Hmm, I ought to get some snacks too. And paper plates and cups.

And there definitely aren't enough chairs to go around.

heh heh.

Talk about planning, it's really a terrible headache. There I was, last night, trying to plan a holiday trip. A honeymoon to Japan. How does Wen ever do it the last time? I surfed the net for a while, looked at guide books, and decided to go to bed before my head burst. Perhaps when Wen comes later, I shall entreat her to help me a little.

Then again we might not go to Japan after all. It's a bit too expensive, especially when we have two pairs of eyes on a certain very expensive sofa set. Hubby drools away every time he thinks about it. Or was that supposed to be for that turbo-charged car? Well anyway, to cut costs, we might just go to Bali.

It seems rather boring when I think about going away. It's like ... go Bali do what? Been there done that. Go Japan do what? Been there done that. Oh dear. Perhaps it's the planning part. Oh, I enjoyed myself very much whenever I'm there, but to think of having to plan everything before going makes it quite ... boring.

I wonder how Wen ever does all that planning. I just tag along and enjoy myself.

And to think that we haven't even decide on where to go yet.


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