Friday, May 20, 2005

Home early

It's easy to become depressed nowadays, and feel extremely sorry for self. There isn't anyone I could complain to, or cry upon a shoulder ... and perhaps that's why I'm writing a blog.

And it's so easy to let some people dictate your life, just because. Did anyone ever say 'no'? Did anyone ever stand up against it, or to speak the truth, to say the actual feelings and to show that perhaps it's just very unreasonable, and it's making other people unhappy and it is heartbreaking to see that? There was totally not a single ounce of empathy. Things will never change, although it's supposed to be better. I dread, really. And I'm afraid that one day, perhaps that is all that will break a marriage apart.

I could not stand for it, and sometimes I do not have the energy to be patient, or graceful. And I'm not ever a nice person.

It was a nice day yesterday. we did a lot of things together and managed to squeeze in Star Wars as well. Not as if we were both hardcore fans, but it is a must-watch movie, to wrap up, so to speak. My favourite is still the fourth episode which captivated me when I was a kid.

Little spoilers, though why I'm writing this warning, I know not, for if you read it and pull your hair out a little, serves you right. :P

3 is okie, though the lines are just as cheesy. The acting was just as stilted, Hayden Christensen looked different, uglier; Natalie Portman older, but was never pretty; Ewan McGregor *rolls eyes*, the part where he saw for his own eyes the betrayal, and he was totally wooden, bad acting. Although I'd think the beard is rather fitting for the older him in episode 4. Count Dooku died so fast, so short, and to think that he fought so hard and so expertly with yoda. Everything seemed to be so rushed, to fit into one episode. Too many things, all chop chop hurriedly.

I guess no one can beat Harrison Ford's charm after all. :P

And definitely many many corny lines. heh.

Still entertaining ... in a way, I guess. And so strange to see them all wearing costumes in the sixties and seventies. heh heh. They looked more appropiate when we were kids, but right now, it's just so out of the world.

And I difinitely prefer Yoda wiser and calmer and sadder in the later episodes. Hard to see him so funky. Cute though, cute.

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