Sunday, May 15, 2005

Life's little misses

Nowadays I'm quite short with people. I'm tired of being nice and obliging. I don't want to have to wait one hour for a friend to turn up for dinner. And sometimes who couldn't turn up after all. I don't want to have to stay out late as well.

I was quite excited to know that she had arranged some sort of gathering for today, and I thought I could kill two birds with one stone by inviting them and other friends to my house for a mini housewarming since no one have been here yet. I guess I should have known better. Oh well.

Everyone might have to wait for a few more months then. I think we are seriously considering redoing our timber flooring. Carpet is not good, says an expert friend of ours, and it brings down the value of the place. rrrright. So you see, I don't need to have the stress of organising a gathering on top of everything else.

And I'm quite upset to hear that they are actually only able to come so late. If come so late and cannot stay for long, then why bother to come at all? Some more so far away. duh.

And it certainly doesn't help that Monday is going to be a horrible day again. Trust me.

I need to get a phone at home.

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