Saturday, May 14, 2005

tic tac toe

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! :) It was a nice day after all. Mainly because hubby took the day off and spent time with me. Oh, we didn't do anything much, cleaned the house together, watched animes, and had dinner with my family. But it's nice to have time together. He has been working late almost everyday, and I guess it's rather lonely without him.

Strange things over the week:

My kids suggested how they should be 'punished'. The ultimate weapon. Writing lines. Hmm, I didn't know it worked. But it did. I wonder if they really enjoyed doing them. Some of them were quite ingenious, writing with two pens. Maybe I should get them to do double the number of lines then. heh.

I've becoming very good at putting on make-up in the car. Even when I'm driving. It's a skill born of desperation. I ought not to idle so much in the morning. Then again, it was too dark in the house. We need to get our lights soon!

Hogfather wasn't particularly funny. It was more sad I felt. I felt quite sorry for Death. His is a lonely job, and people do not like to see him. Definitely quite sad. I guess I must have an overdose of it since I had been reading Mort, Reaper Man and Hogfather in succession.

Oh well.

It's so easy to over-eat. You just sit down and eat and eat and eat, and before you know it, you feel damn bloated. I think I need to cut down on food. *bleah* Strangely, I haven't gained any weight yet. Was there something wrong with the weighing machine?

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