Tuesday, April 19, 2005


My steamed pork-ribs in black bean sauce was a success! Hubby liked it. Even me, ever so critical, felt that it was pretty good. heh heh. Except perhaps it could do with less salt, not that I added salt in, just less of the black bean sauce to make it less salty. The bittergourd wasn't too happy init though. I was thinking of putting them in later, but the lazy half of me said,'what the heck' and dumped everything in together. The pork ribs were tender, and the bittergourd almost disappeared into the gravy. *bleah* Perhaps my subconscious was telling us that the bittergourd which had been kept for too long should not be eaten.

At least we finished that. Although I had to throw almost half of what was left away.

We also had snow peas with prawns and minced pork, stir fry. Snow peas weren't in a very good condition either. I think I ought to check the container more often to see what's in it. :P

I think I shall try Western dishes next time. I'm thinking of making couscous. I like the couscous at Esmarada, and the seafood soup. Hmm ... perhaps my birthday. :P Although it's so expensive, we're just waiting for any discounts.

Hubby's birthday is coming. I'm making beef steak. What else? :P It's special, because I don't cook beef steak very often, but otherwise I think making beef steak is one of the easiest thing to cook. The mash potato is a little troublesome. And I always cheated with the mushroom soup. heh heh. Hmm, what style should I cook this time?

And now the pile of dishes are sitting happily in the sink waiting to be noticed.

I'm not seeing them. But hubby is not moving from the tele either. I'll forgive him this time, but when he's on holiday, he'll do the washing. :P

I'm glad xena's back on writing her blog. It's different reading other people's blogs. Hers has a quiet charm, it make you want to read again. And again. And waiting for her to write more. The other fellow who writes just as intense and silent is re-mi. I guess perhaps they leave a lot of things unsaid, and perhaps a little in between the lines. That's charm.

Me? I just rumble along like a little cloud. Sometimes fluffy like a flying turtle, sometimes dark as an angry wombat. *bleah*

Did I say I also like Jo Sharp's knitting books? :P It might be a little too late to order them online to be in time for my birthday present though. *bleah*

Okie, right now the stuffs I still lack (or rather want) are ... [I'm greedy!]
1. slow cooker (they say toyami brand good)
2. small non-stick frying pan (wen says the german brand benados or something is good)
3. electric juicer for squeezing oranges (different from those apples one lah) ... [I'm also fussy!]
4. ...

Can't think of any right now. :P

Bumped into L the other day. Everyone's asking me what I want for my housewarming. I feel quite paiseh to tell them, because the stuffs I want are rather ex. Maybe I won't even throw a housewarming party. heh heh. I'm too lazy to prepare food for so many pple. Hmmm ....

Some idiot is playing the four knights again. How can I run from that? Arrgh.

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