Saturday, April 16, 2005

For lack of a better title

I wrote a blog on Monday, but it was eaten up by blogger. I saved it somewhere, but it didn't seem appropriate to post now, since I don't feel that way at the moment. Basically it was a rant of how I hated Mondays. No lunch break and extremely blued Monday. Then again, I was still sick on Monday, so that added to the misery.

But now I'm ok. Well, much better. My eyes had gone dry. I wondered if it was because of the antibiotic eyedrops. They're still red and a bit sore, because of the dryness, and especially bad in the mornings.

And hubby got sick too. With compliments from me. Exactly the same symptomes. Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling as if someone stick a knife down the throat. It's just as tiring if he gets sick.

I can't sleep a lot nowadays. By 6am, I had to jump out of bed. Anything but lying down. This is bad. Even when I was sick, I couldn't sleep much either. Oh dear.


I feel depressed at work. Did I mention I don't like the people here. I prefer my colleagues back at the previous place. Perhaps it was the familiarity. And sometimes now and then, I think about my ex students. I wonder if they are managing the chess club ok. One of my good boy smsed to ask for help. I hope he manages to continue playing more chess. I hope the CG club is doing well. Gee, I miss my former form class.

Perhaps I'm just tired.

I have to do other stuffs besides working and cleaning the house. I've checked out violin lessons at the not-so-near-or-far music centre. I hope they have good teachers there, and not someone who was just green behind the ears and didn't even know that G minor has an F#. I wish I could bring my piano over soon, so I can bang on it a while, and pick up all those pieces which I've tried to learn over the years. I wish those players at chessworld would hurry up and make their moves, since that's the only entertainment (well, besides reading), that I derive ... and there's a couple of games I'm winning, and I can't wait to get satisfaction out of them. Well, there were a few extremely unclear games as well. I've run out of moves in those. Closed games, that's why. Both of us were simply dancing around the position.

We went down to Park Mall again and drooled at the furniture there. They got beautiful chess sets too. I don't mind getting one for my birthday, you know. :P The cheapest one lah. Very cute pieces. heh. They don't come with the chessboards though. But the pieces were very unique. Very cute. Yeah, that's the word. Cute. cutsie chess pieces. You've just gotta see them. heh heh. It's the wood. I like wood stuffs. But then, why would I want so many chess sets for? hmm.

If you want to challenge me to a game of chess, go to

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