Friday, April 29, 2005

Being tired

I finally managed to find a way to get those kids entertained. Created word search puzzles, crossword puzzles and the like, and boy ... did I have peace after that. Oh, not so much really. The girls could finish them in five to ten minutes! So the next day, it was a 25x25 puzzle. That got them stumped. :) And I had lots of backups after that. Maze games, more crossword puzzles ... they seemed pretty pre-occupied with their work.

And that pretty much settled for revision. Yay me.

And yes, it's Friday again, and Monday is a holiday. Yay me.


I must stop finding excuses and get my butt down for yoga, before I become fatter and more nua. Like a slug. I'm feeling like a slug nowadays, simply oozing around trying to stay out of the heat. heh. Speaking of slugs, there was a program on BBC about snails. Eating them I mean. They were pretty good, the producers. Hubby and I felt that we could really eat snails after listening to them expounding on the virtues of snail eating. And they were starting to listen delicious.

Then again, we were hungry. On our way to my parents' place for dinner. :P

What's wrong with eating snails anyway? They're just like clams, or oysters, or prawns or ... well. And probably cheaper too, since you can just pick them up from your garden. *bleah*

And so what do I really want for my birthday? It was definitely a straight forward question, and I did think about it.

And am still thinking about it. :P

I got a $50 voucher from my favourite clothes store. Shall go shopping soon! heh heh.

Perhaps I could want the set of four comic books from the anime Howl's Moving Castle. They're selling them at Kino. I had the series for The Cat Returns.

But I still prefer the original story by Diana Wynne Jones. Howl in the anime doesn't feel like Howl in the book. He's too fake, not charming or wicked enough. And too much is removed from the story. Oh well.

I'm suffering from a dearth of animes. Gakuen Alice is pretty good. But it seems to be coming out once a month. Torture!

Giving your hp number to your students can end up as a chore. Was spending quite a long time exchanging smses to a student's questions. Pretty dumb actually, especially since all those questions I had gone through before in class. Seems that some people just don't pay attention and expect private tuition at any time. I wouldn't have minded very much if the questions were something I've never touched upon. But they were the same ones again and again! Good grief!

Then again, I have not much of a life nowadays. To spend Friday night holed up at home with cooking, cleaning and washing ... and feeling tired and lazy. *sigh*

Lin is so very busy. It's very hard to meet up with her. She has turned into a workaholic. To think that we waited for her for one whole hour the last last time. And recently we didn't even managed to meet up because YS couldn't wait for her and wanted to start dinner first. When she did that, I knew somewhere in my heart that Lin wouldn't be turning up anymore. It can be quite tiring to be with YS. I ended up reading my book. :P She does whines quite a bit. All in all, it was quite disappointing, because I never liked Sakae Sushi. It was only bearable and even fun if eaten with someone who is tremondously enthusiastic about it. I certainly didn't enjoy myself and it wasn't cheap either.


We saw a big fat lion cat sitting majestically outside a kopitham. Oh yes, extremely fat and cute and regal. Damn kewl!


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