Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday again

Yup, the horrid day again. I was feeling extremely hungry and sorry for myself by 3pm. Managed to find some biscuits to eat. It's just such a depressing and stressful day. I don't believe I've ever felt like that before in my previous workplace.


Anyway, it's good to be home.

Cooking can be very stressful, and destressing ... and it's fun. :)

Have finished preparations for dinner, going to cook soon.

I was shocked to find three quarters of a bittergourd in the tupperware. Dunno put how long! I guess we would be having bittergourd for the next couple of days. Today's menu: chicken with mushrooms and bamboo shoots, bittergourd with egg, and bittergourd soup. I was actually thinking of putting bittergourd in the chicken as well, but I think both of us need a break. :P

So tomorrow, I've decided it'll be bittergourd with pork-ribs in black bean sauce. Steamed. heh heh. And hopefully that'll be the end of the bittergourd. :)

I need more ideas for cooking. It's really very fun to cook. :) One of those days when I'm freer, I'll try to cook something interesting. :)

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