Saturday, April 09, 2005

Idle Saturday

Daa! Daa! Daa! is really sweet. heh

Just finished watching them all. Really really sweet.

I guess we're going to idle the whole day away. Gonna make dinner soon. Steamed chicken, steamed tofu, vege and maybe soup. :) But there's no substitute for the stuffs my parents cook! Dinner cooked by them is still the best!! yum yum!! Friday night's dinner especially tasted wonderful. I had not two but three helpings! yum yum yum! It's just taste different, the way they cook. No matter how awful the week had been, no matter how sick one had been, and how lack of appetite one was in ... that Friday's dinner was really heaven. Simple stuffs like bittergourd with eggs, prawns with mushroom and soup ... was enough to make me go for three helpings. I'd never tasted anything so superb.

I've not reached their stage yet. There's just something missing in my meals.

And that so wonderful dinner, I fell asleep immediately after. Wished hubby was there that night to have dinner with me. :P But he declared he loved my japanese noodles soup I made for him before we left ... so I guess that's fine too.


I'm glad to be well now. No more bad throat, no more fever, no more coughing, no more sore eyes ... and I suppose no more lazing at home. heh.

But that also means ... ice-cream later. *bleah*

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