Saturday, April 30, 2005

Big breakfast

Writing blogs can be rather theraputic. Sometimes when one is feeling overwhelm, it helps that one has to reorganise the thoughts to put them down. In a way, the mind settles as well.

This morning, I was feeling decidedly light-headed. The world spun around when I got up from bed. Was it because I slept too much last night? Oh, yeah, I remembered. I didn't really have dinner last night. Didn't have my usual intake of carbo - rice, that is. At 5.30pm last night, I wasn't hungry enough to have dinner together with hubby, so I cut the rice and ate only the rest. There was egg with prawns omelete, stir-fry shredded pork with ginger and big green not-so-leafy vege (leaves were a bit spoilt). I guess I'm really a rice person. I needed the rice.

So I just made myself a nice big breakfast. Hot milo with milk (full cream, hell, I hate skim milk!), a slice of bread with thick, and I really mean thick, wallop of strawberry jam, cherry tomatoes, yum! and sausages from a can. Top it up with a slice of cheese, melted. I loved cheese sausage, you see ... those fresh ones you buy over the counter, with cheese stuffed in the sausage, but since I did not have the chance to get some, I just have to make do. Sausages in a can doesn't taste as nice, but beggers can't be choosers. That should do for my glucose level. :)

A big breakfast as good as anywhere. Home-made is still the best. You can't get it anywhere. Later when hubby is awake, I shall make half-boiled eggs. Love the eggs. Runny in the inside, and soft on the outside. Heh heh.

Sometimes I would love to have bacon, for you can use the oil left by the bacon to fry your eggs in. Sometimes it's nice to have honey-baked ham as well, and I should get some lettuce too. Once I get my non-stick frying pan, I shall be able to make egg omelettes, like those you get for breakfast in hotels. I shall have to buy more fresh strawberries too. It's lovely to have fresh strawberries for breakfast.

And now if only the river doesn't stink so much, I can have my breakfast out on the balcony, overlooking the park and the city skyline on a clear day. It's the bloody low tide. I think the moon is too powerful this round, and had really sucked the river down to its bed. It never was that stink!

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