Saturday, April 09, 2005

Driving Terror

1) Singaporean Drivers are just plain allergic to their indicator lights.

2) They will never, even upon pain of death, ever indicate when they are about to change lane

Oh yes! Ohyesohyesohyes!! When they do that and nearly cause an accident, I really wish lightning would strike them twice and fry them quick. Or rather, just a hard tight slap would do. Didn't their mama ever teach them manners?

Just the other day, some bastard of a driver cut into our lane at the traffic junction. What? He thought he was a fast porsche huh? When the lights turned green, he drove straight cutting into our lane. Blarddy arsehole. Keep to your lane. And it was a straight road, mind you! And it was in the morning too. Some people have got no cow-sense. *fuming mad*

4) Taxi drivers always indicate before they change lanes, but don't give a rats ass whether you take notice or not, ergo (I watched the Matrix...) all drivers give way to Taxis.
I'm not sure if taxi drivers always indicate when changing lanes, but one thing which sure as hell pisses me off is that they always stop anywhere they want with very little notice. If you ever drive behind a taxi, for all you know, suddenly the hazard lights turn on, and they would almost stop one second after, anywhere from a slip road to a single lane road, and always just right in front of you. Stay away from them!

6) If non-Taxi changes lane anyhow (I'm a fast learner), The Singa Driver (tm) does make way but honks indignantly.
Actually ... from the point of the driver who honks, not that I ever honk, since I just can't multi-task with too many things when I'm driving, and honking requires a third hand and a third eye, which thankfully I'm just a normal girl ... well, what I mean to say is that there are people who indicate and expect the right of way to get into your lane, without considering that 1. they are driving rather slowly and they want to change into the fast lane, and 2. there is a car coming down on them fast and to CUT into that lane like that is damn rude as well as dangerous ... you can't expect one to brake so suddenly just because you think the road is clear. And no, I do not agree about the accelerating part, I think it's just that you have a bad judge on the speed of the incoming car. So it is indeed irritating, when there you are driving fast in the fast lane, conscienously leaving a good distance from the car in front of you, and there some idiot decides to CUT into your lane thinking he can just go as fast when there is actually no where faster to go, causing you to jam on your brakes. I would like a third hand to horn.


And just the other day I panicked and had to fumble with the silly cashcard when I went under the ERP gantry. I'm not sure if I managed to get it in in time ... one needed four hands for that, two set of eyes and an extra brain. Bloody erp, bloody cashcard slot. 9am and there's still erp?! I didn't know which way to insert the card. :P

I guess we'll be expecting a letter soon. *sigh*

On a good note, I guess I'm driving quite nicely now. No more panicking when changing lanes on an expressway, pretty good at the parking part, and definitely more relaxed on the whole. Still just a little misjudged when come to stopping along the curbs, usually ended up bumping a little. heh. :)

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