Sunday, April 24, 2005

Comfort food

Ahh, haggan daz tramisu and strawberries from Japan. For breakfast. The strawberries were very expensive, but very sweet ... and pretty. I wonder if the normal ones are just as good. Hmm. Four times more ex. :P

But such a nice breakfast would surely cheer anyone up. :) Quite.

I think it is my blurred eyesight that is irritating me to no end. And of course the dear thumb. Bad thumb. I don't feel 100% yet.

Oh well.

Update: 10.12am

Just checked my wound. It's about 12mm in length, and real deep at one end. One part of it is nicely healing, but the deep end, the meat from inside is still showing. You know like when you cut a raw fish, and the meat spills out, or when you cut a piece of your medium rare beef steak, and it budges out all red and bloody? Anyone grossed out yet? Well, I was quite. Better wrap it up and keep from sight.


Called my mom yesterday to get sympahty. Didn't quite dare to tell her I cut my thumb on opening a can. Felt very stupid to open can with hand. That was one of those things mom drilled into me when young. She assumed that I cut myself with a knife. It helps somewhat to talk to mom.

She doesn't think it's a good idea to simply do the carpet. I'm somewhat two minds about it. Doing carpet seems to be letting them off too lightly. Now that they are so willing to redo the entire room for us. But both of us just can't bear to go through three months of that again.

What a headache.

The decision is between the devil and the deep blue sea.

I shall watch animes instead.

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