Friday, April 08, 2005


I haven't been writing because I had been sick. It is already more than a week. My MC rate has shot sky-high, but you know ... they don't really give you much sympathy. Today I dragged myself to work, even though I was coughing away, and I pretty much lost my voice and had to go home early. But nooo ... no sympathy there either. *sigh*

It just makes one thinks how awful this world is huh.

Anyway, it's nice not to go to work, but it sucks to be sick. I can hardly eat any nice stuffs. I bought two tubs of Hazgan daz the other day when they were on offer, and I had not even touch any of them yet! *sob* I felt stress, but I could hardly indulge in that canister of potato chips back home. *sigh* It isn't that nice to be sick after all, especially when you get suspicious looks in that order.


So I've been playing quite a bit of chess, watched quite a few animes ... latest craze is Daa! Daa! Daa! Very cute one. heh. Cooked and cleaned the place quite a bit too. I seemed to have problems sleeping lately, perhaps that kinda make me hard to get well, I guess.

Oh well ... it's kinda ... depressing ... in a way.

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