Saturday, April 02, 2005

Butter Biscuit

Last night I moonlighted as a taxi-driver and drove Wen to pick up her puppy. We had to go all the way to some super far and ulu warehouse. Now, when I mean ulu I really mean it. We got lost a few times and went round the place twice, made a few illegal u-turns as well ... but good thing very little traffic.

Her puppy cried for ten hours. Tears caked onto her eyes. Poor little mutt. Oh .. I mean purebreed.

Eventually we got her to quieten down and she seemed quite happy ... after some snacks, lots of hugs, a walk and a pee, and dozz off on the long journey home. Wen said the Changi Nasi Lemak was very good. I just couldn't resist getting one for hubby. :P

And it was really good. Especially when we were fighting over one packet only. :P :P

Ack, my throat.

I took a few pics, but they didn't turn out quite well ... and I don't have any software to cut a few stuffs out. So here's only one.

So sweet eh?

Biscuit was very happy to have a playmate ... until she saw his toys. It became a tug of war, a shove and a push, and low menacing growls. We definitely saw him pushing her away, and she fell with tud. Ohh, and she hasn't learned how to brake yet, and hit the glass door extremely loudly on the head.

Bis is definitely much much bigger. heh heh

But she's prettier. At least her ears are in the proper alignment.

Wen wanted to call her Butter ... but one of her friends had Buttercup. Then perhaps Button might be nice. I prefer butter ... butter biscuit. heh. Then C went like ... ohh, Button .. Butt Butt ... Hey Butt ... ha haha. So I guess Holly she will be till her mom can come up with a better name.

Welcome to spore, little holly! :)

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