Sunday, April 24, 2005

The most stupid thing ever!

Opening the can with my hand. And promptly cut my thumb. Of course. Damn deeply. Damn painful too.

Bled all over the kitchen sink. Can even see them meat peeking out of the wound. Gross me off lunch.

Had it glued. Stitches is so last generation. Thumb now good for nothing. *sniff*

And of course it had to happen on the day we invited hubby's family over for dinner. I still managed to cook, abiet slowly. We did: lotus shoot soup with pork ribs, egg with onions, prawns and squids with red bell pepper, chicken nuggets with seaweed, and stir fry bak choy with scallops. Hubby and I both agreed that we won't do this again.

I learned to peel prawns and cracked eggs with my left hand. What's that? Ambidextrous? :P

Still not worth it. :(

Today is sunday. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. *sigh*

The big boss came down to look at the timber flooring. He was very obliging and extremely polite. Agreed that indeed they were sloppily done. Yes yes, nod nod, very sorry. This cannot be so. We'll redo the entire room. Both of them. We'll hack down part of the wall to repair. I think it had got to do with the letter. However, I'm not sure we want to live through the nightmare again. *sigh* Three more months of that, I'll go crazy. The curtains are up. Life is quite comfy now. *sigh sigh sigh*

So how now, brown cow?


I should go for yoga today, but I don't feel up to it. I just feel like wallowing in depression at home. Besides my eyes are still a little dry, and my thumb is injured. Definitely excuses.


And I've made a miscalculation somewhere, and going to have to pay for it. Was winning earlier! What happened?

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