Friday, May 19, 2006

Wu Qing

Lunch was awful today. Two pieces of cold sardines, and piece of bitter stewed bittergourd, and lots of tomato sauce. I felt like vomiting after trying the bittergourd, and totally lost my appetite after that.

I left early at work and rushed home to pick up baby's milk bottle, which was left behind, and rushed down to the in laws place. No milk bottle = no milk. I have one set of almost everything at my parents' place, but nothing at the in laws place. So poor baby was spoonfed. MIL said he cried a lot, but he managed to finish the rice cereal. Oh well.

I asked for permission to leave early. He said if you need to, then you go. But can't your in laws go somewhere and buy a milk bottle? And he said a lot of rubbish in between. Of course I need to go! It's so inconvenient for them to go out with a baby to buy a milk bottle! And besides the kids have finished and gone home, and I've done my duty, can't you simply say ok, you heartless man? Why so scared of what? Evil heartless people. Ha.

I don't care, and I left early and rushed down with the milk bottle. Dear baby was sleeping peacefully. Heh. But of course the next feed would have problems without a milk bottle.

I guess when one becomes a mother, one priorities would shift. I don't want my boy to grow up neglected or unwanted. I don't want to be the busy mother who puts her boy second to everything else. You see a lot of children end up being horrible kids because their parents simply have no time for them. They give them everything except their pressence.

Oh well.

I drove baby home alone in the car. He sat up in the front seat and was pretty good the whole journey. Whimpered a bit now and then, but didn't cry, thank goodness. :) Don't need Wen leow. heh heh heh. Bleah. Called him a perv. Ah bish. And taught him wrong things like spoilt spelled as sport. DUH. :P

Baby is now sleeping happily. :) And I'm sooo hungry.

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