Sunday, May 14, 2006

The day I lost my handphone

So how unlucky can one get on one's birthday?

There I was walking along the pavement, pushing my heavy baby along in the pram, when my phone rang, and it was PM who told me why we had changed from dinner to lunch and didn't tell her. I had sms her a few times, not my problem if she didn't read her messages huh? :P

So I dropped my phone in my bag, it's kinda hard to struggle with so many things with only one hand, and the heavy baby in the pram, so I guess the phone didn't drop into the bag as it was supposed to, but dropped onto the ground, which I didn't notice.

Actually at that point in time, I remembered distinctly that I should check if my phone had gone into the bag, that I had a strange feeling at that point that something was wrong, like time froze a minute while I stood at the crossroad, but I shrugged it off and continued to push my dear heavy baby in his pram.

So while in the train I was wondering why no news from PM yet, so I thought I'll sms her. And panic hit, I couldn't find my phone no matter how hard I searched. And that moment in time flashed into my head, and I had a sinking feeling that my handphone is gone. Oh woe .... all my contacts and of all the days! :(

I rushed out of the train, with my dear heavy baby in his pram, and thought of going back to trace my phone, but I was going to be late, so I borrowed a phone from the security guy and called my number but no one answered. So the next best thing is to call dear hubby. :P

And guess what, he had everything in control! Heh. I wonder if he heard the panic in my voice. Ahh ... but he sounded rather smug. :P Still love him. Heh. Apparently someone picked up the phone and he got the contact of the person who picked it up. Yay. I know my brother picked up a phone once and he threw away the sim card and kept the phone. Rotten fellow eh? Good thing not everyone is like that. Heh.

Good thing I made myself memorise dear hubby's number after the last time I forgot my handphone and couldn't remember his new number.

And there I was, mulling over my head, wondering how to contact min ... and slowly, her number came into my mind. Good thing she has never changed her handphone number too. I can't remember all those new numbers. I think once I hit 25 I stopped remembering things. :P

And it's definitely a good thing I had lots of ten cent coins this time too. Heh.

Min gave me a soft-toy octopus for my birthday. I am soo .... speechless. I guess when one has a baby, one will slowly cease to exist. :P Okie, she did give me some kino vouchers and other stuffs ... but still ... it's my birthday!! SNIFF. :P

PM gave me a yoga book ... err, a bit for the beginner. I should give it back to her as birthday present! She should be reading it! Ha. Well, perhaps I could read it and memorise all the sanskit names and go and teach yoga. :X

Wen gave me a C&E bathrobe. Now that is ex. I knew it was ex because I went to look at it before and decided that it was not worth getting. So I bought two cheap ones after that. Heh heh. Whoops ... but still, it's nice to have another one. I can always wear it when the other's in the wash. Wen was wondering why I wanted a bathrobe. It's useful to cover over when one wants to go swimming, and it's extremely useful when you're halfway in your bath and baby started screaming. :P

Oh well ... next time I'll just tell everyone what I want. Heh.

Now how come this year I never get a single birthday card? Grrrr.

PS: Baby really love the octopus. It had eight legs and he loves chewing each and every one of them. :) At least someone is extremely satisfied!


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