Sunday, May 07, 2006


Seven dreams before death:
1. To have dear hubby with me until I am old and die.
2. To walk on the beach somewhere far away, hand in hand with dear hubby, with the smell of seawater in the air and the crunchy sand in the feet, seeing the setting sun and waiting for the stars to come out.
3. Sleep on a open beach again with millions and millions of stars above me, looking at the milky way and trying to catch more shooting stars, and have dear hubby next to me.
4. Write (and be paid for it too). *heh*
5. To travel to many different places and explore castles and dungeons and graveyards with dear hubby.
6. To have lots and lots of money (maybe strike lottery, heh) and don't have to work and can buy whatever I want.
7. To be good at yoga.

Seven things I can’t do in this lifetime:
1. Kill somebody (like the bosses).
2. Burn down some buildings (like where I'm working).
3. Kill all those whiny spoilt extremely naughty kids.
4. Tell all those parents to wake up and take care of their kids properly.
5. Tell all the people in the world not to have kids if they aren't going to take care of them properly.
6. Change the leaders of the country.
7. Have magical powers.

Seven things that attract me:
1. Intelligence
2. Beautiful eyes
3. Sincere smiles
4. Laughter
5. Good books
6. Freshly baked nice-smelling cookies
7. Rainy/cloudy days

Seven things I say:
1. shit
2. okay
3. darling
4. really
5. actually
6. oi
7. then ...

Seven books that I love:
1. Dragonlance Chronicles -- Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
2. Dragonlance Legends -- Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
3. Howl's Moving Castle -- Diana Wynne Jones
4. To Kill a Mockingbird -- Harper Lee
5. The Belgariad -- David Eddings
6. Death Gate Cycle -- Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
7. Good at Games -- Jill Mansell

Seven movies that I’ve loved:
1. My Sassy Girl
2. Labyrinth
3. The Muppet Christmas Carol
4. Spirited Away

To be continued ... have to find out what are the names of the movies I've watched. Me bad at remembering names.

And I don't have seven people reading my blog. :P And those who read my blog have been tagged. :X

Only one tag:
1. Yogini Wen (now that she has a blog)

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