Friday, May 05, 2006

Midnight ramblings

The last time I sat here and started up blogger, I was interrupted by dear baby who howled. It's 2am now, and the boys are quiet, so I get some time to read and perhaps write. :P

No time to complete the tags yet.

Wen's latest post on the Moo-Moo song is hilarious. And check out her link to an authentic cow song. Priceless.

My throat is screaming in pain. So pain so pain. :( I guess I never really recovered from that bout of flu yet, and eating the crabtree and evelyn cookies yesterday that Wen gave me was not a smart move. Damn, the breakfast cookies tasted so yummy with milk! :)

Baby had bad runny nose last night. He cried for one hour and I was alone to hold the fort. Carried him till arms and back ache. No need to do yoga can get enough exercise. Was quiet worried about him, why do babies cry so much? Perhaps he was in pain? *sigh* He finally cried himself to sleep after I smarten up and put him in the carrier. Duh.

Am a bit stoned to write properly.

Last week we went to the Imperial Herbal for the FIL grand 70th birthday. Well, I loved the soup best. Buddha jumped over the wall! Heh heh. First time I tasted it. Soup very thick and just nice. The rest of the dishes are so-so. We had cod-fish, pork-ribs, sea-cucumber and noodles. I thought the gravy on the cod-fish was a bit too much, I'd prefer my cod-fish without any gravy, just simply fry/bake/etc no condiments required. And everything was a little too sweet and a little too salty. They didn't have any of those weird insect dishes, thank goodness, due to some extreme cold weather back in China, the insects died (or something, haha). And for dessert, too bad they didn't order that sweet potato yam thingy - I loved that one! :P But instead we had a sinfully rich chocolate cake from the bakery at Raffles Hotel, so sinful, the chocolate cake was made of real thick chocolate, it's like eating chocolate, not cake! Wah, cannot eat too much one this one, too rich for anything. Delicious though. Heh. I can do chocolates anytime, not just not too much.

Younger brother said he wanted to treat me for my birthday. Now ... where is a good place to get him to pay for a good meal? Heh. We think and think and think - he wasn't interested in Mediterranean food, and we think and think and think, and I think we kinda decided on Lei, and we'll get the peking duck. :P He's paying what. :) At first he wanted to treat me to a chocolate buffet, but I shudder at that thought.

Sooo ... people will be asking me out for a meal soon ... where are the good places for a good meal? Yep, Wen and I used to go around places and try out food and write reviews about them - those were the good old days. But on my own, I hardly eat out, and hubby isn't exactly an adventuous kind. Even now, with Wen, we tend to go to places where we know they're good. Must get more pple to recommend good eating places!

Anyway what Wen said is true. Doing yoga does change the appetite. Most of the time I like my food simple and home-cooked. The way mom cooks or I cook. :) And I like the soup. Tonight we went over to mom's place for dinner, and her onion-potato-carrot-tomato-porkribs-chickenbone soup was heavenly. Plus chicken and beef steak. Heh heh. I think I eat more at her place than at home. And I'm 2kg less from my original weight. Poor me! :P

The other night while I was sleeping, I dreamt that I was eating mouth-watering meltingly delicious durians! Waah ... :) Hubby bought four boxes for durians for me the next day. Four boxes for three bucks. Not bad eh? Not bad the durians too, and another nail into my throat. :P

I like the durian roll and goodwood park hotel. :) Die ah ... throat better recover else no need to eat anything!

Alamak, 2.30am, and thinking and writing about food! Too bad my throat really hurts and I can't swallow :( else I'll go dig for more cookies and milk. :P

And I do like Wen's cooking, especially her ox-tail stew. Wah ... I'm sad she never invite me to eat her ox-tail stew nowadays. Then again, she got C to wipe clean the dishes, no need me leow. hahhaa. I remember when we eat together (at her place or anywhere) I'm always the one finishing up every dish, because don't waste what, and she's such a tiny eater. Nowadays do yoga must control - don't eat too much! :X

Cookies and milk? :p

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