Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby talk

Dear baby had his final jab. He was soo brave .. or rather, so uninterested in the whole procedure. He didn't cry when the needle went in. Not even a whimper. He was just smilling throughout. My dear baby! So brave. And dearest hubby was simply wonderful! :)

And just when I was commenting to Wen that baby was so good and quiet today in the car, he immediately started protesting and howled his lungs out. Bleah.

My dear baby boy is just so cute! :)

Darn, Wen called him a perv when he tried to grab her boobs. Duh. Baby hungry lah. Humf.

And I've seen Bitsy. I'm so utterly speechless. C should sign his name on it since it really took a lot of effort. Heh heh. Material for blackmail though. Evil laughter.

So Wen was supposed to be saving money. She wasn't tempted by evil me to skip her classes and go for yoga and sale, but somehow she managed to get to the sale and spend money again. *Shakes head* Better save some for the tods sale!

While I was queueing up for my brother this afternoon, I overheard a lady calling her man daddy. Oh groooosssssss. Why do women call their husbands daddy? Hello, the husband is not her daddy. It makes my hair stand when women call their husbands daddy. It's sooo ... incestuous, or I dunno how to explain. Yucks. And if you look carefully at those women who call their husbands daddy, you'd realise that their husbands are usually the mousey-listen-to-wife-and-probably-also-scared-of-wife types. Duh Duh Duh. Can't the wifes call them by their names, if they don't want to use an endearment?

I would like to watch MI2 and X-men. Do not want to wath Da Vinci code. The book is crap anyway. Plot is crap and utterly predictable. I think I wrote once how crappy the whole story was. I can't believe such a book can be a best seller. It's so utterly unintelligent and cliche. I never bothered to read any of his books after that. The whole story was so flat. Why did they make a movie out of it?

I guess I'm not the only one who feels the froze emitting out of her. :X She doesn't even look at you when she walks pass you. All this talk about family, when you aren't even treated like one. Irony irony.

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