Monday, May 15, 2006

I've moved!

No longer am I sitting at the junction where every pair of eyes walking pass me can see what I'm doing. This new place is still not that great, but at least there's a pillar to hide me somewhat, and I've built a few condos behind me. Hmm, need to build the condos a bit higher. Perhaps I'll move again.

At least I'm not right under the air-con. It's really dusty sitting underneath the air-con, but the disadvantage is that now there's hardly a breeze. Ah well.

It's the time of the year where we'll be working the wrists. Red is for marking, blue and black is for them, and green is for corrections. I told the kids that if they do the whole paper with pencil, I'll take the trouble to use an eraser and clean off all the pencil markings. How nice I am! :P

Wen was saying how she was drinking five cups of milo a day. Well ... I don't drink five cups, but everyday I'll have my 3 teaspoons heap milk + 4 teaspoons heap milo + 2 teaspoons heap condensed milk in the morning. And just a while ago, I made myself a cup of 3-in-1 milo. Nothing out of the ordinary, but one packet of the 3-in-1 didn't really taste very nice, so I added another packet. Heh heh. It was nice and thick, and the bottom was so thick that I added extra water. Is that sinful or what?

Note to self: Need to bring a spoon to work. I was tempted to use a pen to stir my drink, but decided that I don't need more stomachaches. So I covered the cup with the lip and shake it up. It's a good thing milo doesn't stain on paper after it is wiped off by a tissue!

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