Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tao sa bao

Yep, when you've nothing better to do ... that's what you do for your kid. Heh heh

Every parent would think his/her kid is cute. Mine is definitely the cutest. I guess the main reason is my baby really loves to smile and laugh. That's why everyone says he's cute.

Baby has finally gotten his highchair. He can now sit and eat with all of us. Previously we had to place him in his rocker on the floor when we were at the table, and he would be protesting loudly. Now he has his own chair and he can bang his spoons and plates while we eat. :P

Main reason we're starting him on semi-solids and fruits. Kinda hard to hold and feed him at the same time. Most of the rice cereal I gave him still ended around his mouth and not in it. The battle is still on-going. Baby keeps pushing the food out and smiling gleefully at me. Humf. He doesn't want to drink water too. Oh dear.

More cute photos coming up. Only via email. ;)

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