Saturday, May 20, 2006

Resident Evil

Last night, we had a new resident to our little cosy home. He was a town chap and he had moved to the countryside. As of an hour ago, I found that he had been residing in the toilet downstairs.

Last night, dear hubby brought home a box of butter rolls his mom gave him a couple of days ago. I opened the box and out jumped a horrid little icky lizard. Yes, I screamed, dropped the plate, and danced about to avoid stepping on it as it scuttled under the sofa. Damn. And hubby got so philosophical about it! That was definitely one less lizard at his workplace. Ha, no thanks.

So just a while ago, I discovered the lizard making himself very comfortable in the toilet. Too bad the water wasn't hot when I sprayed at him. Damn it. So now he had disappeared to heaven knows where. Better not let me see him again. Remember the last episode when I encountered a lizard? They don't live long when they see me!

Grrr. Horrid little lizard. Must get hubby to kill it but he's just sooo .. unhelpful.

And ants have over-ran my kitchen. Damn damn damn.


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