Friday, May 26, 2006

Something ...

So much for doing yoga. I went to class on Wednesday morning, chirpy and eager to start doing lots of poses. Halfway through the class, I felt decidedly faint. Giddy. Didn't had much of a dinner and not much of a breakfast. Waah .... had to time out for fifteen minutes to stop shaking. And had a sweet to load up on some glucose. *sigh* Wen wrotes about women's thighs quaver like jelly. Ha .. that was how my thighs were, different context though. :P

Last week I forgot to bring baby's milk bottle to the in-laws place. Yesterday I forgot to bring his diapers. Heh. Poor baby had a very dirty butt by the time we picked him up. MIL did wash him and lined his diaper with toilet paper ... but still. That's the problem with bringing him to and fro. I had a set of everything at my mom's place, but nothing at the inlaws. And that morning there were so many things to carry. Rocker + pot of orchard + big bag of heavy scripts + hubby's and my big bag of gold bars + bag of milk. Oh, and not forgetting big heavy baby! Plus we were already late. It's no wonder things get left out. I guess the diaper bag was just forgotten.

I miss my baby when I'm at work.

It's such a pity Tetanus is not blogging anymore. :(

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