Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No more cookies ...

Xena was asking me why I had not been blogging for a while. Has it been that long? I guess it is so easy to be so caught up with work, family and all. And I have yet to repay sleep debt. *sigh*

But still, finally ... one last touch, and it could be submitted. Piles of marking awaits though, and my brain hurts. No breakfast, and lunch at 3pm. Eyes also hurt after that.

I wish I could do more yoga. I wish I'm at Don's class tonight. I wish mom could stay for one more night, and I could be at yoga class tonight. I wish I could come home everyday and have baby at home waiting for me to feed and hug him. I wish I could go for yoga and come home after that to have baby here with me.

Wishes eh?

Baby is sleeping now. Mom said he's becoming very demanding and naughty. Bring him downstairs walk walk, when come home he knew it, and started whimpering in protest. Want to walk some more! Heh.

But he seems quite good today when I got home. And he seems quite good with MIL too. Perhaps he knows who to bully. :P

Baby doesn't seem to want to drink milk from the bottle nowadays. But she's trying to feed him like every two hours still. Force feeding? heh ... I know he knows when I'm around he definitely doesn't want his milk from the bottle, but I hope it isn't really a problem, just that mom doesn't really know yet to adjust to his habits. It would certainly be quite a problem if he refuses to drink from the bottle! As it is, he feels rather slim nowadays ... even though he's still 8kg. :) Big for his size ! Reminds you of someone eh? Heh heh.

Hubby and I would laugh at him and say he got too big a butt so he can't turn while other babies we know at his age have started learning to turn. :P Boy, he'll be four months in a week's time! How fast time flies!!

Countdown: 7 weeks left. :)

Note to self: must take more photos of him soon! :)

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