Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Self Preservation

Baby and I are both down with a really bad cold or flu. Whatever. Well, at least he's slightly better than me as he does not have any fever, but it's so worrying to see him and his stuffy nose. At least I know how to blow my nose! At night, he would be tossing and turning away and breathing through the stuffed nose, making so much noise that I can't sleep! :P So I had been applying some vicks on him, until last night I happened to look at the instructions and it said, for adults and children above two years old. Whoops!

Hmm ... hubby seemed to approve using vicks ... so I guess, can do, eh?

I feel a little bad taking so many days of MC. Today would be the third day, what would they think? Yet, if I go back and shout today, I'll definitely lose my voice. Been there, done that. Lost my voice (twice) before and now I couldn't hit the high notes. And my voice cracks a little when I sing. Don't wanna lose my voice *whimper*. Each time you lose your voice, you get nodes on the vocal cords and your voice becomes more harsh. I wanna keep my sweet voice! So too bad, I must take care of myself for no one else would bother about me.

It is only fools who think that they can go back and not shout. The last time I promised myself that I will not shout, but gave them work to do, and told them to be quiet because I could not use my voice, and they were the good ones too. Yet I ended up shouting in a hoarse voice. One can never never ever talk in a soft voice or not talk at all at work.

Lesson learnt.

I've always wondered. Why do people call a beefcake a beefcake? I mean, what exactly does it mean? Do you ever make a cake out of beef? There're butter cake, pandan cake, chocolate cake ... but beef cake? That's too much cow in it.

And Wen's honey C shouldn't call himself cow lah. I know I know ... C stands for cow, but hey, he doesn't have like a uterus or an udder or a vagina or whatever else cows have eh? Perhaps Wen should check. Evil laugh. Bull lah, BULL. That's the male/boy/manly/gay? version of cow. I didn't even notice - did he have a sex change?

That should have gone into her comments, but I've given out trying. We who walk the way of Om must not do things that stress ourselves.

We met up with hubby's sister and her kids a couple of weeks back. Kids grow so fast. I think it was almost one and a half years since I last saw them, and the boys are all taller than I am! No longer chubby, it's like they've been squeeze at the sides and pulled at the head and legs. Elongated and angular. The girls are also a bit more grown up, and did not seem to want to play as much.

They were all hugely entertained by baby though. Baby was a bit stunned to be with so many people all of a sudden. Throughout the early part of the night, he sat there quietly and worriedly and kept on wheedling his thumbs. Not even a sound of whimper from him. If I were to be paranoid, I think he looked petrified!

But later during dinner, he thawed a bit and started babbling a little. When dinner started proper, I walked him around in his pram and he fell asleep. That's my baby. :)

I ate a lot for dinner that night. Polished off quite a bit of bread, had a slice of pizza, half a portion of soup, half a portion of foie gras (which will be the last time I will take it!), 200gm of beef stirloin and one chocolate cake dessert. Beef is only nice with the fats on it! :) When I see those people on Japan Hour eating beef with that kind of fats, oh boy ... do my mouth water!

I also realised that her kids actually speak good English. Without the lahs and lohs and whatnots. Suddenly my lahs and lohs became very loud and harsh in the conversations. I must try to cut down on the lahs and lohs!!! I guess it's a kind of familiarity to speak in singlish, perhaps it makes conversations a bit less formal and a bit more intimate. I dunno, but it feels most strange to speak in perfectly polite english when talking to little kids. Ha ... must learn! Perhaps I shall train little baby to be like that too!

The coughs start today. Ready, get set, Cough.

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